Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Utah FHA County loan Limits Dropping hurry and get your FHA case number before Janurary 1, 2014

To avoid this loan limit drop if you are currently trying to purchase a home and plan on using an FHA loan, i would recommend getting a case number pulled before 1/01/2014, this case number is good for 6 months and must be attached to an address. Call me to get your case number pulled today , 801-604-4949 Daniel Paris 24/7 days a week FHA has released the new Utah Loan Limits for each county starting 1/01/2014, in some counties there are significant loan limit changes and small changes in other counties. Salt Lake County is currently at 729,750 and is going down to 300,000; Summit County will go from 729,750 to 600,300. Utah and Uintah County will go to 271,050 while Weber County will only drop a little down to 389,850. To view all of Utah’s FHA County Limits for 2014 click the link to see the whole list counties throughout the whole state of Utah. DANIEL PARIS APPLY ONLINE AT 801) 604-4949 mobile NMLS# 243976 -31

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