Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I am working on a short sale that was originally with COUNTRYWIDE . Well we all know what happened there.

Well after being handed off to Bank of America and then treated like a red headed step CHILDREN. Oh joy, oh joy!

Well for going on three months we have been beating our heads against the wall and just screaming in the dark.

So I got the idea to try and think outside the box. We started writing letters the sellers and myself. We wrote letters to our state senator, to our US senator, to the Bank of America corporate office and then for the heck of it to the Better Business Bureau. Well, low and behold during one of my daily calls to try and talk to someone with a modecum of intelligence I get put on hold for what I thought would be the usual five minutes so they can review the notes in the file and instead 10 seconds go by and the person gets back on the phone and says they need to transfer me to the "Office of the President" OK that is new. A few clicks and moments later I am speaking to someone in the office of the President the Customer Relations Department. It seems the one letter that shook the tree was to the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU! Our file was assigned to a case worker and I was notified that the Short Sale department had been notified they had 48 hours to give us a negotiator if not then this person was authorized to call the VP and in 10 minutes would have us a negotiator. It only took 24 hours and we now have a negotiator.

So if you have been pounding your head into the wall simply write a good old fashioned letter and using "snail mail" send it off to the Better Business Bureau complaining about Bank of America/Countrywide's service.

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